Guiadance and Employability Unit

ESADA connects its students with the professional world, therefore becoming an active part of the labor market that they will have to face. From the first year specific actions will be taken to provide guidance, support and job placement.

Our career guidance methodology of parametric evolution pursues a result: convert the incoming students into professionals for the current labor market.

The starting point is the establishment of the VISION that the student has about him / herself and about their professional development. We will work on their professional and personal expectations. We will take part to support and assist in the development of processes that will enable the fulfillment of his /her VISION.

We will analyze the starting conditions of the person seeking guidance: the self-conception, his/her CV, the job environment and the characteristics of the market that they want to access  and we will support the student to identify those variables and parameters which can affect the final result, the ones related to their own person (beliefs, limitations, personal values , self image ... ) and the ones related to the environment ( paradigms, viewpoints, relational status, networking ... ).

The student will live the experience of being the person who design and develop the processes that will lead to that particular result, among other processes we have: 

  • Planning Process
  • Lifelong Learning Process
  • Professional Positioning Process
  • Job Search Process

As the users designs and implements these processes they will develop a range of relationships with other professionals and their environment, to let them explore more than one possible result in the final employability.

One of the main features of parametric design is the proven ability to generate intelligent design and responsive, able to adapt to any variable or parameter that is integrated into the design process.

Well, that is precisely what we seek with this guidance methodology: support the user in the way to achieve their vision turning them into professionals able to adapt to all situations and contexts.


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