Academic Fees for ESADA Official Careers

ESADA management team has decided to stablish the academic fees for course 2020 - 2021:

Official Careers in Design

Reservation 250 € One-time payment, at time of reservation.
Opening of Academic Record 300 € Único pago para los estudiantes de nuevo ingreso.
Credit Price 51 € Full course, 60 ECTS, amounts 3060 €. *
Recognized Credit Price 15,30 € In case of requesting recognition of credits (total or partial), these will have a cost of 30% of the total amount of credits to recognize. *

* You can request installment payments for these amounts.

** The maximum annual increase will not exceed 4%.

Official Masters

Reservation 250 € One-time payment, at time of reservation.
Opening of Academic Record 300 € Al ingresar en nuestro centro de estudios el primer curso.
Precio del Crédito 65 € ** El total del curso, 60 ECTS, supone un importe de 3900 €. *
Precio del Crédito Reconocido 19,50 € En caso de solicitar reconocimiento de créditos (total o parcial), estos tendrán un coste del 30% del importe total de créditos a reconocer. *
* Puede solicitar pago a plazos para estos importes. ** El incremento máximo anual no superará el 4%.

Payment Methods

One-time payment

Those students who wish so, can make the payment of the total amount of the enrollment in the following 15 calendar days after the time of enrollment.

Deferred payment

ESADA offers the possibility to face the academic fees through comfortable instalments, with the following conditions.

Initial Payment 30 % total ECTS To be paid within 15 days after enrollment formalization.
Monthly Payment 70 % total ECTS Payable in monthly installments, from September 2017 to July 2018.
In case of return of receipts, ESADA will apply a surcharge of 15 € on the monthly fee as management expenses.
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