Preparation for the Higher Education Artistic Studies Access Tests

ESADA is preparing the Access Tests for course 2017-2018 Higher Education Artistic Studies. All students who have made reservation of place for the course 2017-2018 can take the preparation course for free*.

  • 250 € / course (*free if you make your reservation in ESADA)
  • Exam fees are included for future students

ESADA, being a private center, is not in charge of conducting access tests; this is the responsibility of the Ministry of Education of the Junta de Andalucía.

For each call, June and September, ESADA will offer a preparation course to access these studies.

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Specific Access Tests

Teaching of the contents of each subject conforming to the guidelines of each access test exercise. In addition, students will work in the classroom and will do home work and exercises, and they will be corrected and tutored by teachers.

Access Tests Structure

The access tests are divided in three different exercises. The first two take place during the first day of the test call and the third one during the second day. Exercise 1 has a 50% value on the final grade while the remaining two add up to 25% each. Passing the three parts individually is not mandatory to pass the exam.

Exercise 1: Written and Theoretical

It will consist of the analysis and criticism of a text and an image or graphic material related to the different manifestations of design, provided by the examining board.
  • Text analysis; for this process of analysis and criticism the applicant will write answers to various issues related to historical, cultural, symbolic, etc. aspects.
  • Image analysis, chosen by the applicant from among four different proposals provided by the examination board, related to each of the specialties of Design. Applicants may choose any of the pictures, depending on their personal preference. For this process of analysis and criticism applicants must write their answers to various formal, functional, compositional, constructive, etc. issues.
In this exercise, the degree of maturity in understanding concepts, the adequate use of written language and expression, as well as the capacity for analysis, synthesis and relationship will be evaluated.

Exercise 2: Freehand representation systems

This exercise will have an analytical-descriptive character. It will consist in the execution of a representation exercise for the model chosen by the applicant from among two models proposed by the examination board. For its realization the applicant will be able to opt for the systems of representation that he deems appropriate, both of technical and artistic nature, executing it by freehand.
In this exercise, the use of drawing as a tool to communicate the meaningful information to be transmitted will be assessed as a skill and resource for analyzing, synthesizing and representing.

Exercise 3: Creative project

Of a creative character that will be made from what a given text suggests, to choose between two provided by the examination board. This exercise aims to detect the ability to generate a proposal, the ability to use expressive resources to solve the proposal idea and the applicant ability to argue for a process of ideation.
From the selected text, a plastic proposal will be developed that will conceptually suggest the proposed theme. The candidate will have to make sketches explaining the work process the choice of the final result, and the written justification of the exercise, arguing the ideation of formal representation, materials, color, composition, etc.
In this exercise we will assess: the justification of the followed process and the final result, the ability to express and communicate the proposed idea and the degree of originality of the proposal.

Maturity Test

In case of not meeting any of the access requirements, applicants older than 19 years or who meet them this year, may perform a maturity test that proves that they have maturity in relation to the objectives of the baccalaureate. This test of maturity is annually convened by the competent body in the matter of ordering higher artistic education, and passing it will have permanent validity throughout the national territory.

After passing this test, anywhere in the national territory, it will allow you to access the higher artistic studies through the specific test.

The Junta de Andalucía does not plan to convene the Maturity Tests in September 2015, but may be carried out through the Junta de Castilla la Mancha.

The test will cover the common subjects of Bachillerato: Castilian language and Literature, Philosophy and citizenship, History of Spain and Foreign Language. Each candidate will select three of these subjects and will develop a written question from among the four proposals for each of the chosen subjects.

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