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BA Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Property - Speciality in Painting

The Programme Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Property specializing in painting, will allow you to know the materials that make up the pictorial works and the techniques used, as well as to recognize their pathologies and deterioration factors. On the other hand, the acquisition and understanding of a culture of restoration is achieved, providing the necessary knowledge to critically and responsibly face all restoration and conservation operations.

These Higher Artistic Studies are equivalent to university degrees, nevertheless they offer more hours of practical training and you can enjoy scholarships from the Education Ministry and the Andalusian Government. This degree, specialized in the preservation and restoration of Cultural Property, specializes in painting, stands out for its professional interest, currently these professionals have a great demand, since the protection of Heritage has generated a constant increase of cultural management and dissemination policies.

There are many international references that along with the importance of our heritage that needs to be preserved and the social demand have encouraged this centre to make these future professionals available to society.

This programme, both from an academic and a formative point of view, fulfils the objectives of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA). It is structured in ECTS credits (240), this being a simple and comparable system with the rest of the countries of our Environment, favouring mobility and employability.

The restoration of the Cultural Property produces a deep satisfaction when returning the stability to the work intervened

Julia Ramos. Coordinator of the Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Property Degree

Teaching Staff

  • Nacho Lomas
    Nacho LomasPhotography Technique
  • Marian Mellado
    Marian MelladoDrawing and color
  • Rocío Padilla
    Rocío PadillaChemistry and Physics
  • Julia Ramos
    Julia RamosConservation foundations
  • Adelina Ruz Hita
    Adelina Ruz HitaOrientation and Professional placement
  • Jesús Salas
    Jesús SalasVolumetric Expresion


    1º Year

    Introduction to the Conservation and Restoration. Criteria and methodology.
    8 ECTS · Annual
    Representation systems
    6 ECTS · Annual
    Drawing and colour: foundations and techniques
    10 ECTS · Annual
    Volumetric expression
    7 ECTS · Annual
    Photography Technique
    4 ECTS · 1st Semester
    Computer resources I
    4 ECTS · 1st Semester
    Physics and Chemistry basis applied to Conservation and Restoration
    9 ECTS · Annual
    Natural materials
    4 ECTS · Annual
    Theory and history of art
    8 ECTS · Annual

    2º Year

    Introduction to support treatments
    9 ECTS · 1st Semester
    Introduction to surface layer treatments
    9 ECTS · 2nd Semester
    Preventive conservation
    6 ECTS · Annual
    Photographic documentation
    3 ECTS · 2nd Semester
    Computer resources II
    3 ECTS · 2nd Semester
    Chemistry applied to restoration treatments
    6 ECTS · Annual
    Synthetic materials
    4 ECTS · Annual
    Iconography and iconology
    3 ECTS · 1st Semester
    Contemporary art
    3 ECTS · 2nd Semester
    Theory and history of Restoration
    4 ECTS · Annual
    Pictorial procedures and techniques I. Furniture
    5 ECTS · 1st Semester
    Pictorial procedures and techniques II. Wall bracket
    5 ECTS · 2nd Semester

    3º Year

    Biodeterioration of cultural property
    4 ECTS · 1st Semester
    Instrumental techniques of analysis
    5 ECTS · 2nd Semester
    Legal regime for the conservation and restoration of cultural property
    3 ECTS · 2nd Semester
    Management of cultural heritage
    3 ECTS · 2nd Semester
    Technical English
    4 ECTS · Annual
    Conservation-restoration projects
    4 ECTS · 2nd Semester
    Pictorial restoration I. Canvas and table
    9 ECTS · 1st Semester
    Pictorial restoration II. Pictorial strata.
    9 ECTS · 2nd Semester
    Virtual Restoration
    4 ECTS · 1st Semester
    History of painting
    5 ECTS · 1st Semester
    History of applied arts
    5 ECTS · 1st Semester
    5 ECTS · Annual

    4º Year

    Research and documentation
    5 ECTS · 1st Semester
    Professional organization and management
    5 ECTS · 1st Semester
    Treatments of supports and pictorial strata. Wall support and inorganic materials.
    8 ECTS · 1st Semester
    Conservation and restoration of andalusí mural ornamentation
    5 ECTS · 1st Semester
    Restoration of contemporary painting
    5 ECTS · 1st Semester
    8 ECTS · Annual
    Final Graduate Project
    12 ECTS · 2nd Semester
    12 ECTS · 2nd Semester


    The students of ESADA can enjoy the services of Orientation and Guidance from the start, to focus from the beginning what their interests are and to perform internships from the second year. They will also work on their job placement as a graduate.

    ESADA has an international approach, therefore a language improvement program is included within the training of students, which includes weekly classes of foreign language throughout the four years of the degree.


    The students of ESADA are accompanied by a mentor who will accompany them through their learning process and that will help them to achieve their maximum potential.


    ESADA is the only design school in Andalusia that offers the four design specialties (Graphic, Interiors, Product and Fashion), allowing students to develop in a multidisciplinary environment. This way students acquire a global vision of the design process and fosters them to establish collaborations that enrich their training process.


    Studying Conservation and Restoration in Granada has the advantage of being in contact with a vibrant and international city. In Granada you will find a unique blend of:

    • Historical buildings and historic environments part of the world heritage like the Alhambra or the Muslim neighbourhood.
    • A multicultural and international city, where you can enjoy a wide cultural offer (concerts, art museums, exhibitions, etc ...)
    • A privileged natural environment where you can enjoy the ski resort or the Mediterranean coast, both are half an hour away from the city.

    So if you still do not know where to study conservation and restoration ESADA is your choice!



    Graduates in the Degree of Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Property, painting specialty, will be qualified and competent professionals, with capacity to advise on the processes related to the conservation of pictorial works, and to establish criteria and intervention strategies, acquiring the knowledge and skills needed to define and perform treatments on cultural property, ensuring their integrity and permanence.

    Being a regulated degree, the regulations that develops the Superior Degree of Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Property in the Specialty of Painting establishes a series of specific skills that the students must acquire, which are:

    • To diagnose alterations of pictorial works of art and of their constituent materials through examination, identification, analysis and evaluation.
    • Decide and execute the treatments of conservation and restoration of property of the specialty most appropriate to each case, putting into practice the knowledge, criteria, technical procedures and skills and acquired skills.
    • Decide and execute the treatments of conservation and restoration of property of the specialty most appropriate to each case, putting into practice the knowledge, criteria, technical procedures and skills and acquired skills.
    • To write and direct projects of conservation and restoration of the goods that integrate the specialty of painting and to advise technically in its realization.
    • Plan, document and monitor the process of conservation and restoration of pictorial works of art, applying the relevant work methodologies.
    • Establish an interdisciplinary dialogue with other professionals related to the field of cultural heritage, especially with regard to pictorial heritage.
    • Provide technical advice to agencies, institutions, companies and individuals on the state and conservation measures related to cultural property of the specialty.
    • To investigate the pictorial cultural heritage in terms of the evolution, constitution and causes of deterioration of these cultural assets, as well as the work methodology of the conservation and restoration of pictorial works.
    • Perform a critical analysis of the methodology, treatments and materials used and evaluate the effectiveness of the intervention performed.
    • To design protocols of action for the in-situ maintenance, storage, exhibition, manipulation, packaging and transport of cultural property of the specialty, in a way that guarantees its integrity and adequate conservation.
    • Use the resources that new technologies facilitate for the development of professional practice.

    Professional Profile

    The professional profile of the graduate in Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Property is the qualified technician to analyse and diagnose the state of conservation of cultural property, define, plan and execute strategies, plans and treatments of conservation and restoration and write and manage conservation-restoration projects.


    ESADA, being a private centre, is not in charge of conducting access tests; this is the responsibility of the Ministry of Education of the Junta de Andalucía.

    For each call, June and September, the School will prepare a course to meet the needs to access these studies.

    The access tests are divided in three different exercises. The first two develop during the first day of the call for tests and the third during the second day. Exercise 1 has a value on the final grade of 50% while the remaining two add up to 25% each, without having to approve the three parts to pass the exam.

    Academic Fees and Scholarships

    4362.6 € Per Year

    As students of an official degree, you have the right to apply for the scholarships of the Ministry of Education for post-compulsory studies, as well as those of the Regional Ministry of Education (ADRIANO). In addition, as a novelty, this year ESADA offers own scholarships to academic performance, which will be a bonus of 50% of the amount of tuition during the four years of training, for the best high school records.

    Being studies within the European Space of Higher Education, it is possible to choose the Erasmus + Scholarships both to study abroad and to do international internships.

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