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Almost all of our degrees are now open to incoming exchange and study abroad students, which means you have access to one of the widest range of courses available at any Design or Art institution in Spain.

You should also check with your adviser at your home institution that you have selected appropriate subject choices before submitting your application to ESADA. This will ensure that you select subjects that are appropriate to your level of study and for which your home university will award transfer credit.

European Credit Transfer System ECTS

The ESADA degrees catalogue does operate on ECTS credits.

ESADA offers 30 ECTS each semester. All our subjects work in two projects along a semester, but each subject will be marked individually.


At ESADA, from the second year onwards, is compulsory that all projects developed in the academic year are conducted in English. In the first year, English is optional.

All our students have a support to improve their English skills, with English seminars, bilingual courses and optional subjects within the curriculum.

Those Erasmus+ students who want to improve Spanish, will have the chance to develop their projects in this language, and will also have the support of our language unit.

Course Catalogue

Artistic Higher Studies in Design

Official Master in Videogame Design

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