Outgoing Students

For Erasmus+ Study

Studying and working abroad is actively encouraged at ESADA and the opportunities are increasing thanks to exchange programmes with our European and international partner universities. The Erasmus & Study Abroad Coordinator supports ESADA students who want to study or work in another country as part of your degree. Remember:

  • Find out who our Erasmus partners in Europe are from the list of European exchange partners.  List of partner institutions (PDF).
  • Each of our partner universities will have their own application deadline that you must meet.
  • If they have their own application procedure please follow it.

For an Erasmus+ work placement

This is an opportunity for a student to work for a minimum of two and a maximum of 12 months as an intern in a professional organisation within the European Union.

  • Research and locate the organisation you are interested in Email the organisation to ask them if they would be prepared to consider you for an Erasmus work placement.
  • Ensure that there are no language barriers.
  • Talk to the coordinator of your degree to see if they will support you.
  • Inform us of your Erasmus intentions and we can provide the documentation needed for a work placement (contact details below). Please ensure that you are clear about the formal requirements.
  • When you have completed the documentation contact the Erasmus & Study Abroad Coordinator to process your application.

Erasmus Funding

Once your Erasmus exchange has been confirmed, you can apply for Erasmus funding. Erasmus mobility is funded by the European Commission within the framework of the Erasmus Lifelong Learning programme and it is a supplementary, non - repayable grant intended to offset any additional expenses you may incur whilst you are abroad. You are only entitled to funding for the total amount of months completed overseas so if you do decide to come home early, you will need to repay part of your funding that you will no longer be entitled to. You should not depend on Erasmus funding to cover all of your essential living costs as funding amounts can vary year on year. Bear this in mind when you are budgeting!

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