Welcome to the Virtual Library of ESADA. Through this service, all students will have access to the catalog of the library, as well as the digital resources it contains, from any point in the greography 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Available resources

These resources will be accessed through the equipments located in the study room, group work room, rest areas of the training center or from any other location. Access credentials and configuration of a VPN connection may be required.



External Catalogs and Libraries






Works Repository



Obtaining documents and supplying digital copies

There is a document lending service for library resources that are available on physical media.

In the case of digital resources, access to the full texts will be facilitated either through the available information resources (books and electronic journals), or through the request to other institutions of a digital copy (upon payment of the provisions in the licenses) of the article, book chapter, etc., whose request has been made by one of our users.

Online reference service

This service is aimed at users, either through FAQs or by sending a suggestion or question through an automated form, can raise or resolve any question or issue related to access, search and provision of information.

Training service in informational skills

Provide users with self-sufficiency in the search for information in the different sources and specialized resources of their area of ​​interest, as well as in the use of other tools that facilitate their information management. These courses will be developed within a learning platform and will be of a virtual nature. A program of achievement in informational competences will be created for different levels and with different objectives:


Aimed at new students and will be given at the beginning of the first semester of the first year of all degrees. The objective is to know the basic tools that cover your most immediate information needs.


Aimed at students and professors on the use in specific sources of information, management tools and methodology of academic and scientific work. The objective of these courses is to train in the management of electronic resources and their control to obtain the competences in search and information management.

À la carte

At the request of the students and teachers on a concrete resource and in a determined time.

End-of-degree and master's degree works archive service

A repository of all end-of-grade and master's works will be maintained, as well as other research that is generated through the development of the DSpace platform.

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