The students of Restoration and Conservation of Cultural Property defend their first real project

This is a preliminary study for the intervention of a polychrome round sculpture that is located in the Convento de la Concepción, one of the oldest cloistered convents in Granada, and is located in the lower Albayzín.

This carving of San Juan Bautista is located in the high choir of the Convent of the Conception and is owned by the Franciscan Sisters. In the following video we can appreciate the current state of the image; the video has been made through photogrammetry with photographs taken from different angles around the size.

In addition to their own tasks in the development of the previous study, such as the historical-artistic study of alterations and pathologies or chemical analyses, the students have carried out other complementary activities, such as the visit to the workshops of the Museum of Fine Arts in Granada , Exhibitions of contemporary art or practices with molds and gilding.



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