The Ministry of Education announces the call for Careers in Design and RCP scholarships

It has called the Scholarships for post-compulsory levels that include the higher artistic education for the next academic year 2017-2018. The fixed amounts of this call are € 1500 for residence, another € 1500 depending on income, as well as € 200 in basic income concept. The variable amount, that will depend on the family income and the student's record in previous courses, will also be chosen.

The Ministry of Education has enabled a website with expanded information about this call, where you can find a simulator of the variable amount.

Residence Scholarship

For the awarding of the amount related to the residence of the student during the course, the applicant will be required to "prove the need to reside outside the family home throughout the school year" because of the distance between the same and the teaching center, the existing means of transportation and school schedules.


The deadline for submitting applications for students who will be studying at our center will end on October 3rd, and the students will have to apply through this website That means that after that date the application of the Ministry will be closed and it will not be possible to present the scholarship; not even on paper.

In the following table you have the center codes for the corresponding requests:


Interior Design and Product Design EAAI DISEÑO
Graphic Design and Fashion Design EAAI DISEÑO II
Restoration and Conservation of Cultural Property ESCUELA CRBC GRANADA
Master Interior Design in Historic Buildings EAAI DISEÑO

You can apply for the scholarship even if you have not passed the specific test of access or you have not enrolled in our center. It is not necessary to provide any type of documentation in our study center.

EEAASS, enseñanazas artísticas superiores, Becas, MECD, 2016/2017

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