Apply now for your 'BRAC' scholarship to study at ESADA

Scholarships to the academic performance of ESADA reward the academic trajectory of the new students of our center.

The Andalusian Higher School of Art and Design is committed to quality education, fostering a culture of effort among its students. The next course, ESADA will launch a new program of its own scholarships to encourage those students who have had, in their passage through high school or advanced training cycle, an outstanding record.

The amount of the scholarship will have an amount equal to 50% of the amount of the enrollment of the beneficiary students and will last for 4 years, the same as the courses taught in ESADA.

Students who have, at least, placed a reservation, may apply for this scholarship in person at our center, until July 31st and on September, from 1st to 15th, 2017. At the end of the term, the center will publish a list of awardees of the scholarships for each specialty.

Andalusian Higher School of Art and Design is the only official private center of the city of Granada for the teaching of higher artistic education, in the modalities of design and conservation and restoration of cultural property, being also the only one that has the four design specialties; graphic, interiors, fashion and product, and also the only one in Andalusia that imparts the superior artistic teachings of conservation and restoration of cultural property.



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