Elena Funes, with her collection ´hashtag´, winner of the 1st contest of young designers of Granada High Culture

The second prize went to Marta Ybez, with her collection 'Terribilitá'.

The platform Granada High Culture, with the aim of promoting and disseminating the creations of young Spanish designers, has convened the Contest of Novel Designers of Spain for the year 2018. The first prize, worth € 700, and the second, valued at € 300, has been possible thanks to the Obra Social 'La Caixa' and the Student Association of ESADA.

The event was attended by the Mayor of the City, Francisco Cuenca, the Delegate Councilor for Mobility and Citizen Protection, Tourism and Commerce, Raquel Ruz, the Coordinator of the Andalusian Institute of Youth in Granada, Leticia de la Torre, as well as other representatives of the organizing entities and other design schools.

The jury of this edition has been integrated by well-known designers Jairo Díaz, Beatriz Peñalver, Ricardo Hita, Keka Albardíaz, Marsy Luna and Ignacio Trigo.

In the contest the young designers Fran Marín, David Pérez, Lubna Kaddouri, Alejandra Luque, Sethir Galván, Marta Ybaz and Elena Funes participated. Elena, who at the age of 18 started her architecture studies, decided to turn her life around and do what she really loves; Fashion Design. She is currently studying 3rd year of this degree at ESADA.

Collection 'Hashtag'

With this collection it is intended to perform an act of protest, an act of satire, which highlights the state of alarm we are about to reach. The collection is centred on the recent events that have happened in our social, economic and political reality and that, like a storm, have spread like wildfire through social networks, associating a "hashtag" to each one of these reasons.

During the parade, the designs #racism y #fucktrump

The collection has the following events and each design is associated with each of these hashtags:

  • Inequality between men and women: #feminism
  • The infamous American president: #fucktrump
  • Climate change: #queimangalicia Political corruption: #corruption
  • The exploitation of the textile sector: #fastfashion
  • Racism and racial supremacy: #racism
  • The Catalan conflict: #parlem
  • Cultural appropriation: #bordadotenango

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