ESADA students Laura García and Ulises Moya, winners of the 12th contest of the International Cosentino Design Challenge

Laura García, in the 'Architecture' category and Ulises Moya in the 'Design' category. In addition, the students Silvia Franco and Gema Barranco have achieved accésits in the category 'Architecture'.

The jury has failed the prizes of the 12th contest that has had 46% more participants. The three winners of each category will receive € 1000.

Ascension of the stones, by Ulises Moya; Floating stones made of recycled dekton paper. From the cradle of Cosentino, Macael, large stone blocks light up and come to life, beginning a journey without borders to the future. Inspired by Cosentino's constant search for innovation since its origins, these large floating blocks are built with a new material, Dekton's recycled paper, creating a unique visual spectacle full of symbolism.

Geoda of marble, by Laura García. Have you ever thought about the amount of material wasted in the quarries? What could be a solution? This project specifically, reuse remains of macael marble and transform them into a huge geode in which you can enter, show all kinds of shows and make us feel part of yourself.



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