Apply to study Design until 31 May 2021

The Regional Ministry of Education and Sport has published the call for applications and the timetable for access to Superior Design Studies.

ESADA is already preparing its future students for access to Design. If you would like to study design, it's not too late to prepare for the exam. Don't hesitate to take a look at our Course Catalog and, if you need it, book an appointment with us for more information.

The deadline for applications will be open until Monday 31 May 2021. Within this period it will be possible to apply for specific tests such as the Academic Maturity Tests.

Selection Boards for the design entrance tests

2 July

Escuela de Arte “León Ortega” de Huelva

Specific Access Test - Product Design

8 July

Escuela de Arte “José Nogué” de Jaén

Escuela de Arte “Mateo Inurria” de Córdoba

Escuela de Arte de Jerez

Escuela de Arte de Sevilla

Specific Access Test - Graphic Design
9 July

Escuela de Arte de Cádiz

Escuela de Arte de Granada

Escuela de Arte “San Telmo” de Málaga

Specific Access Test - Fashion Design
12 July

Escuela de Arte de Jerez

Escuela de Arte de Almería

Specific Access Test - Interior Design

Provisional design marks will be published on 14 July 2021.

In our 'Procedures' section you will find the forms and information you need to apply for your test, but only if you have not booked a place with us or if you want to take care of the paperwork yourself. Remember that if you have booked a place with us you don't have to worry about paying the fees, as we take care of everything.

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