My Erasmus+ Mobility for studies at ESADA: Camilla Bertini, Università Iuav di Venezia

Camilla Bertini, Interior Design student at Università Iuav di Venezia (Italy)

Erasmus+ Mobility for studies at ESADA from February to June 2022.

I'm Camilla, an Interior Design student at IUAV University in Venice, Italy, and from February to June 2022 I was part of that heterogeneous and huge world of Eramsus students who travel around Europe looking for new experiences.

My destination was Granada, Spain, a city that welcomed me from the first day and that I immediately recognized as "my home". Granada has been a wonderful discovery for me, a city with an interesting history, smiling and multiethnic, which offers the student many cultural and entertainment possibilities.
I chose Granada mainly because of the university I was going to attend: Esada - Escuela Superior de Arte y Diseño de Andalucía, which I had already been interested in because of the presentation on the website.

The university reality has been very different from what I am used to in Italy, the relationships between classmates and teachers are much simpler and there is an equal relationship between teacher and student. This has facilitated my entry into the Esada "family".
All the courses, both the compulsory ones of my curriculum and the electives, I found very interesting and useful for my training, and it has also been very interesting to live in a didactic reality very different from what we are used to in Italy.

At this university all the courses are very concrete.
The theoretical courses have a design component in which you can directly apply the notions given in class, and the laboratory of ephemeral spaces and exhibitions made us work on two cases in which we had to work on the design of the exhibition.
and exhibitions made us work on two very specific cases: the first project consisted of the design of an installation related to the Alhambra, while the second project consisted of the design of an exhibition stand for a city of your choice, in my case my city, Venice.
Another point in Esada's favor is the way the exams are conducted. All courses divide the final grade into four parts (one per month) and the exam consists of presenting your project to the class and the teachers.

Every person I met, classmates, other Erasmus students, teachers, left me with something that I will carry with me forever. I met a lot of people who, in some way, changed my view of the world.
As an experience it was the best of my life and I invite all young people to participate in this project that, although short, can mark one's life, not only at the university level but also and above all, at the social and relational level.

Thank you all very much, see you soon!

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