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Mi movilidad Erasmus+ para prácticas de egresado en Rotterdam: Ulises Moya, ESADA

Mi movilidad Erasmus+ para prácticas de egresado en Rotterdam: Ulises Moya, ESADA
24 Marzo 2022

Ulises Moya, alumno egresado de Diseño de Producto en ESADA  

Movilidad Erasmus+ para prácticas de egresado en la empresa Lex Pott situada en Rotterdam (Holanda) desde noviembre 2021 a febrero 2022.

For me, one of the things that I enjoy most is definitely traveling. If you combine it with the opportunity to spend a few months working in a design studio, the decision is easy.

The Netherlands as destination could not been a better choice. The country is full of amazing and creative people with design present in every corner. Rotterdam is a really nice city, full of life, and with plenty of things to do every day.

But for sure the best part was being in the studio and getting to know how it works from the inside. Learned a lot of things, on a professional and a personal level that can not learn in any other way that being there. At the studio I felt like one more in the family since day one, and I’m really happy to be able to call them friends after the mobility.

Would repeat!

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