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My Erasmus+ Staff Mobility for Training at ESADA: Federica Salvato, Accademia Abadir

My Erasmus+ Staff Mobility for Training at ESADA: Federica Salvato, Accademia Abadir
10 Julio 2024

Federica Salvato, International Officer & Programme coordinator (BA’s) Accademia Abadir.


Erasmus+ Staff Mobility for Training at ESADA, from May, 16th to 17th 2024.

It has been very exciting to meet  the ESADA's team in person, after working by email only in the last few years!

I have been welcomed in the warmest way possible and I had the opportunity to see how they work daily with joy and passion, supporting the local and international students in their development as human beings and professionals!

I had the opportunity to visit the facilities of ESADA, a beautiful building located in the very city center of Granada but also I appreciated  the specific spaces they use for practical works  and  also the modern technology they have to run the activities. I also had the great opportunity to meet professors and students.

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IMG 20240516 WA0004

Very useful, in particular, was the meeting with the students who are planning to come to Abadir in the following semester for mobility: we started to know each other and I have been able to provide them with some first useful information before coming to Sicily!

I also had the opportunity to get to deeply understand the process of the Erasmus management at Esada thanks to an enriching moment of exchange of experiences and best practices!

Last but not least, the wonderful Night visit to Alhambra! I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in a cultural tour also: this  historical and magnificent palace and fortress complex, maybe the landmark of Granada, which is one of the most famous monuments of Islamic architecture in the world, also contains buildings of the Spanish Renaissance architecture.

Alhambra 1

I came back home enriched personally and professionally and with a strengthened relationship! I now know that I have special friends in Granada and very accountable colleagues with whom to develop more cooperation projects in the future.

Thanks Félix, thanks ESADA and thanks Erasmus!

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