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Mi movilidad Erasmus+ para estudios en Belgrado: Paula Fernández, ESADA

Mi movilidad Erasmus+ para estudios en Belgrado: Paula Fernández, ESADA
23 Marzo 2022

Paula Fernández Lozano, alumna del 4º curso de Diseño de Moda en ESADA

Movilidad Erasmus+ para estudios en UNIVERSITY OF ARTS IN BELGRADE (Serbia) desde septiembre 2021 a febrero 2022.

My Erasmus in Belgrade, Serbia, has been a great experience in all areas but especially on a social level, because I have met many people from all over the world, with whom I have shared many moments, I have learned many cultures and they have learned from mine. This experience has also helped me to reinforce my English level.

In the school in Belgrade, The University of Arts, I have learned different methodologies at the time of working, very different from what I was used to in Spain. There the students helped us at all times because some people did not speak English and spoke in their own language, Serbian, but communicating and learning was not a problem at any time.

As for the city, Belgrade, is very different from Spain, it is a city that came out of the war about 20 years ago but that does not mean that there are not many things to visit, many people to meet and a lot of culture to learn from. It is a cheap city and being close to many countries it was possible to travel to many places, for example Macedonia or Budapest.

In general it was an experience in which I learned a lot from everything and from all the people around me and that I would gladly repeat because I took many new people and many incredible moments.