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Mi movilidad Erasmus+ de docencia en Venecia: Laura Guerrero, ESADA

Mi movilidad Erasmus+ de docencia en Venecia: Laura Guerrero, ESADA
12 May 2023

Laura Guerrero, profesora de Diseño de Moda en ESADA

Movilidad Erasmus+ de docencia en  UNIVERSITÀ IUAV DI VENEZIA en Italia, del 10 al 14 de abril de 2023.


What better city than Venice to go on Erasmus+? I was lucky enough to be in this wonderful city from April 9 to 16. 

One of the things that surprised me the most about this city is that despite being more known as a tourist city, it has 7 universities all over the island. The faculty of architecture was the building where I was as a teacher where in addition to this branch fashion classes are taught in both masters and degree.

I was offered to do a workshop in the class of Professor Vaccari, one of the teachers there. The subject that the students were giving in class was about the Anthropocene, so the idea of this workshop was to make digital fashion illustrations and mood boards.

The workshop began with an introduction by a graduate student of the IUAV named Sandra where she explained the concept and then asked us what was our point of view and opinion about it both the students and me.

In addition, they were encouraged to bring recycled materials to the end of the class to make some kind of collage about the issue. 

I also had the opportunity to introduce myself and tell them about my studies at Esada as a student and the classes I teach as a current teacher, explaining the way the school works by projects and showing them examples of my own.

In this area, the experience was short for me as I would have liked to be more involved in other school activities.

In addition, thanks to Maria Gatto, I was able to see the libraries available to IUAV students. I found it very surprising to see so many books and fashion magazines together and that they were available to the students, since they have a great variety and quantity from old to current magazines. 

I was also able to learn more about the city, its gastronomy and the most famous places such as the Ducal Palace, and I was enriched by the art of this city.

On the other hand, I took advantage of the proximity of other cities such as Verona, Padua, Burano and Murano to visit them as well. 

I certainly encourage all teachers to take advantage of this opportunity!