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José González en la TCA de Erasmus "Young Sparks Symposium"

José González en la TCA de Erasmus "Young Sparks Symposium"
23 Octubre 2023

Uno de los directores de ESADA, José Antonio González, representó a la escuela en el TCA de Erasmus "Young Sparks Symposium", una actividad de formación y cooperación organizada por la Agencia Nacional Erasmus de Italia. El evento se llevó a cabo en Solomeo del 3 al 8 de septiembre de 2023, y según lo expresado por nuestro Director, la experiencia fue muy positiva.

Participating in the Erasmus+ TCA Young Sparks Symposium in Perugia, Italy, was an extraordinary experience that deeply impacted my life. This TCA aimed to promote understanding of sustainable development, and it far exceeded my expectations.

The diversity of participants, including students and teachers from across Europe, created a vibrant environment for learning. Renowned speakers, such as Giovanni Caccamo, Brunello Cucinelli, and Dr. Mauro Ferrari, shared insights on crucial topics like science, technology, the environment, and human sustainability.

Their stories and discussions not only inspired us but also provided valuable insights for our future projects. Collaborative exchanges among participants enriched our understanding of sustainable initiatives.

The TCA's central themes—mankind and science, humanism and technology, and humanity and territory—offered a holistic view of sustainable development, emphasizing practical impact.

I extend my deepest gratitude to the Erasmus+ program, organizers, speakers, fellow participants, and the local community. The lessons learned and connections made during this TCA will undoubtedly shape my commitment to a sustainable and responsible future.