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Nuestra movilidad Erasmus+ de docencia en ESADA: Tuba Terece y Cansu Akyol, Biruni University

Nuestra movilidad Erasmus+ de docencia en ESADA: Tuba Terece y Cansu Akyol, Biruni University
08 May 2024

Assist. Prof. Dr. Tuba Terece, faculty member at Biruni University Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design and the Erasmus Coordinator of the department.


Erasmus+ Staff Mobility for Teaching at ESADA, from April 22nd to 26th, 2024.

Hola! I'm Assist. Prof. Tuba Terece. I am a faculty member at Biruni University Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design and the Erasmus Coordinator of the department. Together with research assistant Cansu Akyol, we visited the city of Granada, Spain, within the scope of Erasmus Staff Mobility for Teaching between 22-26th April 2024. This was our first Erasmus experience. We carried out mobility to experiment and develop new learning practices and teaching methods, explore interdisciplinary learning and collaborative approaches, and share our teaching methods, student studies, and activities. At the same time, we aimed to strengthen links with a new partner institution, share best practices, and observe teaching at the partner institution.

Last year, Fernando visited our school within the scope of Erasmus Staff Mobility for Teaching. We developed good relationships from the first moment we met and planned different activities we could do with the students during the design week we were in Granada. When we arrived in this city, where we felt the unique spirit, architecture, culture, and warmth of Andalusia, we were welcomed by Fernando Ortega, ESADA Interior Design coordinator, and Fernando introduced us to Cármen Gómez, director of ESADA, and Félix Guerrero, Erasmus+ Coordinator.


We visited the main and other buildings of the school with the guidance of Fernando and Félix. During the trip, we had the chance to see the students' studios, their works, and projects. We gained new ideas that we can use in our work with our own students.

We organized an interesting workshop for several of our students during the Granada Design Week called "Think out of the box: Design Your Own Place". This workshop focused on the body-space relationship, where students created a two-dimensional abstract space in which they carried out various actions, delimiting their own space with adhesive tape in a public area, specifically in the vicinity of Trinidad Square.


On the first day of the workshop, we made a presentation introducing Turkey, Istanbul, Biruni University, and our department. In the continuation of the presentation in which we introduced Turkish culture, history, important buildings, and Turkish cuisine, we talked about our school and our own teaching methods, student studies, and activities. In the last part of the presentation, we gave the students a brief explanation of the workshop and detailed information about the workshop.


After the presentation, the students determined the boundaries of their own space with the help of tape and took photos and videos expressing their actions in Trinidad Square. Video and photo shoots were very enjoyable and entertaining.

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The second day started with the presentations of our students. Students prepared their presentations using the Pecha Kucha technique and expressed the actions they created in their minds. After each presentation, we made constructive evaluations of the students' work. In line with these directions, the two-dimensional abstract space transformed into a three-dimensional action space, allowing participants to experiment with the relationship between the body and the environment in a unique and creative way.

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As part of the workshop, we had an enjoyable process where we worked with the students and learned while having fun. During this process, Fernando was always with us, providing all kinds of support. The students did a great job. We were happy to organize an international event in the workshop with students coming to ESADA from Lithuania and ESADA's own students.

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In addition to the workshops, we met many colleagues, and academic and administrative staff. Since we were at ESADA during Design Week, we had the opportunity to observe different events. Fernando invited us to a networking event about biomimicry. We attended an interactive event with people from different countries and different professional groups. It was an interesting experience for us.


From the moment we arrived, we were fascinated by the texture of the city, its narrow streets, historical buildings, and the view of the city in Alhambra: We admired this city that smells of history. The experience of getting lost in this city, where we could reach many points by walking, was unforgettable. Observing the details and examining this texture and historical structures was an eye-opening experience for us designers.

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Fernando gave us very good guidance on local and popular places to visit. Fernando, Félix, and other academic and administrative staff of ESADA took us to taste Granada's famous tapas. These meetings, where we had sincere, enjoyable, entertaining, and deep conversations, showed us the wonderful harmony of different cultures being together. We saw once again how friendly the Andalusian people are!!!!


Before leaving, we talked with José González, Director of ESADA, and Fernando about the projects we could do together in the future. We do not doubt that this visit will mutually strengthen our relations and enable new collaborations in the future!!!!

We returned from Granada with meaningful, enjoyable, and unforgettable memories. You hosted us great! It's been a pleasure to study with you! Many thanks to our dear friend Fernando and the Esada team for your hospitality, attention, and everything.

We will be happy to welcome ESADA staff and students to our school.

Granada is our city and ESADA is our school!

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