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Mi movilidad Erasmus+ de docencia en Chipre: Óscar de la Visitación, ESADA

Mi movilidad Erasmus+ de docencia en Chipre: Óscar de la Visitación, ESADA
07 May 2024

Óscar de la Visitación, docente del Grado de Diseño de Moda en ESADA

Movilidad Erasmus+ de docencia en  FREDERICK UNIVERSITY en Chipre, del 22 al 26 de abril de 2024.


Hello everyone, my name is Óscar de la Visitación and I am going to tell you about my Erasmus in Nicosia! My first contact with the city was incredible, it is a city cut in half by the Turkish invasion in 1974, this makes it very special, full of cafes, quiet but very alive and with an old part of historical buildings and another more functional and more modern, and full of cats!

My Erasmus was with Frederick University, a highly prestigious private center in Cyprus that teaches degrees in fashion, industrial and interior design. My first contact with Frederick University was with Professor Costas Mantzalos and Eleni Gircalli, fashion and product coordinators. The connection was incredible from the beginning, organizing plans and outings apart from university work.

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My Erasmus was based on carrying out a workshop with students from different disciplines, this made the work much more interesting, as very different students with very different objectives mixed together. The workshop was called "Icon", and it was about the possibility of creating elements, objects, garments, that could live over the years without losing modernity. I also took advantage of the opportunity to supervise the students' work and help them improve their skills. Projects.

Also enjoy the museums and wonderful ruins throughout the island. Authentic monuments of its rich culture mixed by many civilizations.

I have to say in conclusion that it has been a very interesting and rewarding experience, not only for the fact of working in a foreign center, but the way this helps in your own work, the idea of encountering such different cultures but with the same enthusiasm to grow and improve. The good acceptance of the project greatly facilitated communication. Apart from this, the beauty of the island and the possibility of visiting the ancient ruins is another attraction that makes me recommend this university for possible future Erasmus!

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