Interior Design

Higher artistic education are official studies established in the Organic Law 2/2006 of May the 3th on Education, which are taught in public or private institutions such as EAAI.

Interior Design Studies in Andalusia has not been officially regulated until recently, this work has traditionally been carried out by Draftsmen, technical architects or architects.

It is time that these studies have their own degree, considering their great professional projection in a sector where the reform and rehabilitation of existing spaces is demanded. 

Higher education in Design will lead to a degree in Interior Design, which will be equivalent in all respects to a university degree.

{tab Career Opportunities}

The profile corresponds to a qualified professional able to conceive, justify and document the creative process via the domain of the theoretical and practical principles of design and project methodology, capable of integrating different languages as well as technologies to materialize the appropriate environments.

In practice , what will I be able to do by taking this degree?

Just the same as with a University Degree , since it is equivalent for all purposes , ie :

  • Access to official master studies ( professional and research profile )
  • Merge onto the Civil Service through their selection processes.

But there is more ...

We must consider the Interior Designer as the professional the market is currently requiring, with both technical and artistic profile, taking up the place of other professionals who could not develop a correct work due to their technical training  (such is the case of technical architects) or conversely too artistic that have just limited to work with volumes and urban spaces (such is the case of architects).

{tab Competences}

Higher artistic education on Design aims to train qualified professionals in the field of design, able to understand, define and optimize design products and services in different areas, that has the scientific, humanistic, technological and artistic associated  knowledge, and generate values of artistic, cultural, social and environmental significance, in response to social and technological changes as they occur.

Being a regulated education, the legislation that develops this Degree in Interior Design provides a number of specific competencies that students have to acquire, which are:

  • Generate and materialize functional, formal and technical solutions for the best use of interior spaces.
  • Conceive and develop projects of interior design within the criteria of improving the quality of the outputs.
  • Lead and certify the fulfilment of interior projects.
  • Analyze, adapt and produce information for the realization of the projects.
  • Solve the aesthetic, functional, technical and construction problems encountered during the development and realisation.
  • Interrelate formal and symbolic languages with the specific function.
  • Know the characteristics, physical and chemical properties as well as behavior of materials used in interior design.
  • Know the most common fabrication, manufacturing and production processes of the different interior design-related sectors. . 
  • Adapt the methodology and proposals to the technological and industrial development of the sector.
  • Know the communication technology resources and its application to interior design.
  • Dominate the specific digital technology related to the development and execution of interior design projects.
  • Know the economic, social, cultural and historical context in which interior design is developed.
  • Know the economic and organizational framework in which the interior design business develops.
  • Understand the legal and regulatory framework regulating the profession, health and safety as well as intellectual property .
  • Reflect on the positive social influence of design, its impact on improving the quality of life and environment as well as its ability to generate identity , innovation and quality in the production.


Subjects and Times

The schedule for this degree in 2014-2015 will be Monday to Friday from 15:15 to 21:45 hours.

{tab First Year}

  • Visual language
  • Art and aesthetics history
  • Materials I construction
  • Materials II coatings and finishes
  • Design history. XIX, XX and current century.
  • Analysis of interior projects
  • Representation Systems
  • Vector representation
  • Digital photography and media
  • Freehand drawing. Drawings and sketches
  • Expression techniques in design
  • Creativity and project methodology

{tab Second Year}

  • Anthropometry and Ergonomics
  • Scientific basis applied to the design
  • Eco-design and Sustainability
  • Technical English
  • History of architecture and interior design I
  • History of architecture and interior design II
  • Techniques expression in interior design
  • construction tridimensional
  • Facilities I: Plumbing and sanitation
  • Facilities II: Electrical and protection
  • Spaces to live
  • Spaces to work

{tab Third Year}

Pending approval

{tab Fourth Year}

Pending approval



Regarding the requirements to access the Degrees in Design, the access exam as well as the admission of students in schools, it will be as it is said in the Order of April 18, 2012, regulating the acces exams to Higher Artistic Education and admission of students in schools providing these studies. 

There are three paths:

{tab Direct Access}

People in possession of a Diploma in Superior Profesional Training in Art and Design, can access directly without requiring any specific test. It is an independent process with another calendar and application form. Students who meet this requirement must apply for direct access and deliver the academic record.

{tab High school degree}

Having a high school degree, or certificate of passing the test of maturity in previous calls or access to university for people over 25.

If you are studying 2nd of high school you  must provide certification that you are studying it. Remember to provide together with your application a high school degree or proof that you have it before starting the tests because, although you will appear in the accepted list only by checking this option, the examination is not allowed unless you give proof of it.

You must also pass the test of access within announcement made by the competent authority for the current year.

{tab None of the previous}

In case of not meeting any of the requirements, candidates older than 19 years may take a test of maturity attesting that have maturity in relation to the objectives of the high school. The test of maturity is convened annually by the competent authority, and overcoming it will be permanently valid throughout the national territory.

You also need to perform the specific entrance test commented previously.



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