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Journal of design research and innovation

Fashion design and sustainability

Proposal for the reuse of plastic from Almeria's greenhouses. Agricostura Collection


Agricostura is a collection of women’s Haute Couture fashion which, through the artistic support that fashion itself produces, aims to tell the story that has happened in the Almeria countryside.

Agricostura intends to give greater scope to this story, in a way that has not been done before.

Going through its three main phases, designs will be produced that speak of the past, present and possible future of the fruit and vegetable sector. The collection is inspired by science, progress, culture and sustainability.

As a result, a fashion collection of a total of thirty women’s designs has been created which, incorporating the materials typical of the Almeria countryside with those intrinsic to the world of fashion, evoke values of craftsmanship, tradition, know-how and respect for the environment.

Elena Funes Suárez

Concept Magazine Vol. 1 - 2022