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Public Scholarships for Design Studies

ESADA is an Official Center for Higher Education, approved by the Andalusian Government, and therefore, its students can benefit from the Scholarship System awarded by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport, (MECD) as well as other students from public official centers.

MECD Scholarships for Artistic Studies

As official studies, students have the right to request and be awarded scholarships offered by the Ministry of Education for studies in the European higher education area, including scholarships for enrollment, travel, residence and material.

Granting of scholarship does not depend on whether the Education Center is public or private, but on applicant incomes.

ESADA processes the scholarship application, but its follow-up depends on the interested party. Likewise, in case of concession, the charge of the economic amounts will be directed to the interested party, ESADA does not receive any amount.

If the student considers it opportune, he/she can request any aid for the studies whenever the requirement is to be enrolled in an official center or career.

All applicants who meet the call established requirements are granted a scholarship.

Adriano Scholarships

With the purpose of attending from an educational and economic point of view the needs of students who do not obtain the status of beneficiary and are excluded from the call for scholarships and aid to the general study for non-university post-obligatory studies of the Ministry of Education, for the sole reason of not having achieved the qualification established by the Ministry to obtain a scholarship, it has been considered necessary to establish the regulatory bases of the Adriano Scholarship, as a measure to avoid exclusion and educational abandonment linked to the economic resources of the Family unit, avoiding an unjustified differentiation in the treatment of the academic performance demanded to the students in general and to the students beneficiary of scholarships or aid, and favoring the continuation of all the students in the post-obligatory studies.