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Artificial Intelligence Applied to Design

Master the artificial intelligence strategies and tools that will define the next horizon of design. Become the new creative that companies are looking for and transform your passion into a cutting-edge career by learning how to use AI to innovate, impact and lead in the design industry.

Artificial Intelligence Applied to Design

Master the artificial intelligence strategies and tools that will define the next horizon of design. Become the new creative that companies are looking for and transform your passion into a cutting-edge career by learning how to use AI to innovate, impact and lead in the design industry.

Learn Artificial Intelligence Applied to Design

The Master in Artificial Intelligence Applied to Design puts students at the forefront of a revolutionary technology that is here to stay and to change the art and design industry forever. This unique master's degree is created for those who want to merge technological innovation with artistic expression, using AI to redefine the boundaries of creativity.

generacion ia alumnado 1 Image generated by ESADA students

During this master's degree, you will acquire a deep understanding of the world's most powerful artificial intelligence tools and how to incorporate them into your profession. Through a hands-on approach, you will explore the synergy between AI and creativity, learning how to apply advanced technologies to enrich your creative process, from conceptualization to the realization of projects that were unimaginable just a few years ago.

The final work of the master invites you to consolidate your learning in a final work that will unleash your full creative potential. This addition to your portfolio will highlight you as a key player for companies seeking to be leaders in emerging technologies, making you one of the few designers skilled in this new technology.

If you are creative, curious and willing to be a pioneer in this great technological revolution, this master's degree is for you. Enroll and get ready to lead the creative sector thanks to artificial intelligence!

Generative artificial intelligence is the democratization of art through the world's most powerful technology.
Alejandro Prats

From imagination to reality

Our students of the AI Tools elective have the final objective of the course to create an audiovisual piece with a free theme.

For this trailer of a fictional movie, our student María Gálvez used ChatGPT as an assistant director for the elaboration of the text. Then, thanks to ElevenLabs, she created a voiceover (yes, the voice of the trailer is completely AI-generated) to accompany the images and video, also AI-generated, by Pika, HeyGen and D-ID. Notably, it was made in mid-2023, demonstrating pioneering, cutting-edge talent in this technology.

Artificial Intelligence Applied to Design Syllabus

    • Design tools (5 ECTS)
    • Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence (5 ECTS)
    • Large Language Models (LLM) (5 ECTS)
    • Prompts Engineering (5 ECTS)
    • Innovation and new platforms (5 ECTS)
    • Business and systems management (7 ECTS)
    • Creative direction applied to AI (8 ECTS)
    • Application of artificial intelligence to professional design projects (8 ECTS)
    • Ethics and legislation (2 ECTS)
    • Master's dissertation (10 ECTS)
    • Understand the theoretical and practical foundations of artificial intelligence, which will allow you to address challenges and opportunities in this field.
    • Know and master a broad and specific vocabulary within the world of artificial intelligence.
    • Knowledge of the latest trends and advances in AI, which will give you a great competitive advantage in any sector.
    • Acquire a global perspective of the current functioning and needs of companies to know how to provide with AI an optimal use and approach.
    • Understand the relevance and potential uses of this technology.
    • Learn to develop workflows by linking different artificial intelligences.
    • To know and master the most popular language models in the current scenario.
    • To develop a critical and adequate reflection on artificial intelligence, anticipating its role in the future.
    • Learn to use powerful AI tools, enabling them to apply advanced solutions in text, image, video and music.
    • Acquire a deep understanding of the ethical and legal implications of AI, enabling you to approach projects responsibly and comply with regulations.
    • Acquire an innovative and relevant profile, being attractive to companies looking for leaders in emerging technologies.
    • Artificial Intelligence Consultant
    • AI Application Developer
    • Generative AI Specialist
    • User Experience (UX) Designer with specialization in AI
    • Emerging Technologies Creative Director
    • Artificial Intelligence Ethics Consultant
    • Technology Innovation Analyst
    • Information Technology Legislation Specialist
    • Researcher in Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Technologies
    • Visual Arts or Music AI Systems Developer
    • Technology Trends Analyst
    • AI Business Development Professional
    • Technology Business Consultant
    • AI Project Product Manager
    • AI Ethics and Policy Expert
    • Digital Artist or Multimedia Designer with AI focus
    • Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Specialist
    • AI Video Game Developer
    • Natural Language Processing (NLP) Specialist

Tuition fees and scholarships

Full course fee



The registration fee will be 100% subsidized (it will cost 0€) if you formalize your enrollment before September 1, 2024.

In addition, ESADA graduates who wish to take this master's degree will receive an additional discount.


Do I have to pay for external tools?

The ESADA Master in Artificial Intelligence Applied to Design does not cover the cost of external tools, such as ChatGPT plus or similar tools by paid subscription. However, and although these premium versions will be seen throughout the Master, it is at the discretion of the student to assume these costs and in no case will be a mandatory requirement, although advantageous, to take this training.

What tools will be seen in the Master or needed?

Our goal is to be at the forefront of this technology at all times. As these words are being written, new tools are being developed or existing ones are being improved, so there could be variations throughout the Master. New tools may appear or obsolete tools may disappear. We adapt and improve to provide students with the best options at all times, so it is difficult to give a definitive list. Currently, some of the main tools in use are ChatGPT, BingChat, StableDiffusion, Midjourney, DALL-E 3, ElevanLabs, Pika, D-ID, HeyGen, among many others.

Is it on-site or online?

The Master in Artificial Intelligence Applied to Design at ESADA is 100% on-site, in Granada, but we have the infrastructure to retransmit the classes online in case it is impossible to attend in person.

Do I need a powerful computer to take the Master?

No, it is not necessary. ESADA has all the necessary computer equipment to study the Master.

Do I need previous experience or knowledge with AI?

No, no es necesario, tenemos en cuenta a todo tipo de grados de experiencia, incluyendo a alguien que parte desde cero.

Do I need previous experience or knowledge in design?

Not strictly, but it does help and facilitates to have a minimum of knowledge or experience in the field of art or design. However, the Master itself has a specific subject of design to enhance this facet and even starting from scratch you can advance without too many complications.