Access Requirements for the Higher Artistic Studies

Regarding the requirements of access to higher artistic education and the entry tests, as well as the admission of students to the schools that offer them, there is the Order of April 18, 2012, which regulates the entry tests to the higher artistic education and the admission of the students.

There are three means of access to Higher Studies of Design or Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Property.

Via Direct Access

For students who hold a Higher Technician Degree in Visual Arts and Design. You will not have to do any type of access test. You will have to process the reservation at ESADA.

Direct access can be requested by students who are in the 2nd year of the Higher Technician Degree, who must have completed it prior to their enrollment.

Students who meet this requirement must request the direct access and deliver the certificate of the average grade of the file. It is a procedure of independent access to ordinary access with another calendar and request model.

Via Specific Test

For students who have completed High School or have passed the University Access Test for people over 25 years. It will be necessary to pass the specific test that the different Councils of Education call. Once surpassed it has annual validity.

This is a different entry exam to the University entrance test (PAU).


  • The application period in Andalusia is during the month of May and the examination is in the early days of July.
  • In September there is a second call, in case of any vacancies.

Via Maturity Test + Specific Test

For people who are 18 years old and do not have any of the academic qualifications mentioned above. You will have to go through TWO tests. Firstly, there is the maturity test which is equivalent to the Baccalaureate and once is passed is valid forever. Then the specific test will have to be passed.


  • The request for both tests is during the month of May. The test of maturity is during the month of June and the specific one in the first days of July.
  • In September there is a second call, in case of any vacancies.
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