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Entry requirements for Master's Degrees in Design

Find out what are the requirements to access the ESADA Master's Degree courses

With regard to the requirements for access to the master's degrees in design, as well as the admission of students to the schools that offer them and enrolment in them, the provisions of the publication in the BOE of 25 September 2018, with 60 ECTS and a duration of one year, which regulates the admission of students to the centres that offer these courses, will apply. Enrolment period from January until the start of the course.

There are two ways to access the master's degree:

I have a university degree


You can take the master's degree if you have a Bachelor's degree in Design, Industrial Engineering and Engineering in the field of ICT (Computer Engineering or Telecommunications Engineering), Architecture or Fine Arts.

If you have another degree, you must first pass the Complementary Training1 to be able to take the master's degree.

To obtain the official qualification, you will need to have obtained the B1 English qualification.

I am studying or have finished a CFGS at a School of the Arts.


To take the master's degree as your own qualification, you do not need any previous qualification and you do not need to take any complementary courses.

No language qualification is required.

1 ESADA offers the complementary courses free of charge to its Master's students who need them. These complements include History of Design and Digital Design.

Admission to ESADA

Private schools, such as ESADA, have their own admission procedures, although in all schools you will need to pass these admission requirements. In the case of our school, students must pass an introductory interview, which can be done online or in person.

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