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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

We have collected all the questions that you ask us on a daily basis. If you still need help, do not hesitate to contact us.


Is the degree official?

Si, ESADA es un centro autorizado de Enseñanzas Artísticas Superiores de Diseño. Por lo que  grados que se imparten son oficiales. 


Are these university studies?

These studies are equivalent to a university degree. They are included in level 2 of the MECES.

What qualification do I obtain on completion?

Successful completion of the Degree in Design will lead to the award of the Higher Degree in Design followed by the corresponding speciality.

This qualification will be equivalent, for all purposes, to the university degree, as established in the first additional provision of Royal Decree 1614/2009, of 26 October.

If I have previous studies, can I apply for credit transfer?

Yes, you can apply for credit transfer if you have studied an official Vocational Training, University Degree or Master's Degree.

More information at:

If I have started my studies at another centre, can I continue at ESADA?

Yes, as long as you come from an official centre that teaches Higher Artistic Education in Design, within the Spanish territory.

To do so, you must request a file transfer to our centre.

More information at:

Can I go to study in another school?

You can continue your studies in any official centre that offers higher artistic education in design in Spain.

Erasmus +

What kind of mobility can I do with an Erasmus+ grant and how long does it last?

ESADA students will have the opportunity to carry out Erasmus+ study exchanges from the second year onwards. These exchanges can be carried out with higher education institutions with which there is a bilateral agreement.

They will also be able to obtain grants for work placements from the final year onwards, in companies in another European country with which the students have made contact.

What are the requirements to obtain an Erasmus+ grant?

ESADA annually calls international mobilities of studies and internships with Erasmus+ Scholarships, where the selection criteria are established (grade, level of English ...). In general, the following requirements must be met:

  • To apply for the grant you must be an Esada student, both the year you apply and the year you do the mobility.
  • You must have passed all the subjects of the year prior to the application.
  • You must not have used up the maximum of twelve months in previous Erasmus+ calls.

*Newly graduated students can also do an internship mobility, provided that they do it in the year following their graduation and they apply for it while they are still enrolled at ESADA.

What destinations are available for international study or traineeship mobility?

Erasmus+ exchanges can be carried out with higher education institutions with which a bilateral agreement exists. You can consult all the updated agreements at:

How much are the Erasmus+ grants?

The grant may vary depending on the differences in the cost of living between the sending and receiving countries, the distance between the countries, the availability of other grants and even if you are an EQF scholarship holder from the previous academic year.

This grant is intended as an additional contribution to the costs of mobility, and is not intended to cover 100% of the mobility costs.

Table of monthly grant amounts, see full text in:


How do you get into a official design degree?

To study an official degree in design, there are three ways of access:

  • Direct access (if you have CFGS in Plastic Arts and Design).
  • Specific test (if you are studying or have completed the baccalaureate).
  • Maturity Test + Specific Test (if you do not have a baccalaureate and you are over 19 years old).
If I am a foreigner, what do I have to do to gain access to study at ESADA? What are the deadlines?

If you have your baccalaureate degree recognised (or in the process of being recognised):

You will have to pass the specific entrance exam for Design degrees.

I don't have a baccalaureate:
You have to take two tests: Maturity test + Specific entrance test to EEAASS in Design.

*You can find more information about the homologation process at:

Check all the deadlines at:

Una vez decidido/a a cursar en ESADA ¿Qué pasos tengo que seguir?
  1. Formalizar reserva de plaza, previa confirmación de nuestra encargada de admisiones.
  2. Cumplir requisitos de acceso.
  3. Matriculación en los plazos establecidos.
Do I need the EBAU and can I access with it?

No, to access the EEAASS in design you cannot access with the EBAU. You need to take the Entrance Exam to Higher Artistic Education in Design.

More information at:

Is our centre a state-subsidised school?

No, ESADA is an official but totally private centre.


How much do these studies cost?

All our rates and prices are published on our website. You can access all the information by clicking on the "Read more" button below.

What are the payment methods?

One-off payment
This payment is made within 15 days of registration. Payment can be made in cash, by credit card at the Virtual School, by bank transfer or by direct debit.

These options are selected at the time of enrolment in the Virtual School.

Deferred payment
You can pay in instalments without interest. With an initial payment at the time of enrolment. This payment can be made in cash, by credit card in the Virtual School, by bank transfer or by direct debit.

The rest in monthly instalments paid by direct debit during the months of the course (September to June). These fees are debited from your account in the first days of each month.

In the case of returned receipts, ESADA will apply a surcharge of 15€ on the monthly fee for administration costs.

Can I apply for a scholarship?

The official degrees that you can study at ESADA give you the possibility to apply for scholarships. These include grants from the Ministry of Education (MECD), grants from the Andalusian Regional Government (Adriano) and Erasmus grants. Find more information and the link to apply for them in our scholarships section.