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Design research and
innovation Journal


The discipline of design has not always been considered a branch with the rigour to merit sufficient attention from the scientific community,but today, more than ever, we need to give it the relevance it deserves. Design is a powerful tool for transforming our environment, how we live, how we communicate and even how we live in a sustainable way. This new relevance has been accompanied by an improvement in design research, with greater and deeper reflections, which have led to new strategies and new developments.

The Concept magazine aims to showcase a selection of the Research Projects that have been generated at ESADA within one of the research lines the school has. It arises from the enthusiasm of our teaching staff to improve and present new challenges to our students, stemming from the excitement of discovering new avenues in a field that has been largely unknown to the scientific world until recently.

After intense work, Concept has successfully been included in prestigious databases such as Dialnet and is already indexed in Google Scholar.