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Official Degrees in BA and Masters

Learn about the requirements for accessing design degrees throughout Spain.

One of ESADA's main objectives is specialised training in official design studies where students have the possibility of choosing from a wide range of qualifications in its centres authorised by the Ministry of Education of the Andalusian Regional Government.

For ESADA, the training of its students is its aim as a company, offering the best training to enable students to succeed in the labour market. That is why our students participate in real projects from the very first year.

Our teaching staff is highly qualified and has extensive teaching and professional experience. This has allowed our students to win national and international competitions, proving the excellence of our training system.

The degrees are structured in Undergraduate and Postgraduate studies; all our degrees are framed in the European Higher Education Area (EHEA). Here you can check the correspondence of the studies within the Spanish Framework of Qualifications for Higher Education.

Esquema MECES

Official Degrees in BA

ESADA is the only Andalusian educational centre that offers the four specialities of Design: Graphic, Interior, Product and Fashion. This allows students to have a broad vision of the other disciplines and broaden their capacity for interdisciplinary work, promoting teamwork.

Studying at ESADA is a unique and enriching experience, within an environment with a markedly professional and international character, currently with a wide network of schools and universities throughout Europe, where our students are mobile and from where they can study.

Our official centre for higher studies is authorised by the Junta de Andalucía as a Private Teaching Centre for Higher Artistic Design Education.

The Degrees are training programmes of 4 academic years (240 ECTS) and belong to the European Higher Education Area. The Official Degrees in Artistic Education are the first cycle required in the European Higher Education Area and lead to postgraduate studies.

Students at the Higher Design Centres can access any official master's degree from any country in the European Higher Education Area, the ERASMUS + and Exchange Study Program and specific public grants from the Ministry of Education that are announced each year before the start of the corresponding academic year, as well as other regional grants such as the ADRIANO grants.

Official Master's Degrees

At ESADA you can study the Master's Degree in Video Game Design.

We have the most specialised teaching staff, both nationally and internationally.

The Official Postgraduate studies are divided into 2nd Cycle studies and 3rd Cycle studies. In the 2nd Cycle, Official Master's Degrees (of one or two years' duration) are taken. Taking one of these official Master's Degrees allows access to the Doctorate (3rd Cycle).

The Master's Degrees allow you to continue your training and specialise in what companies demand today, with an official qualification that is valid in any European country, and recognisable in any other country. At ESADA we have Official Master's Degrees, approved by the Ministry of Education and Science, which are part of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA).


Is the degree official?
Yes, ESADA is an authorised centre for Higher Artistic Design Education. Therefore, the degrees taught are official.
What qualification do I get on completion?
Successful completion of the Degree in Design will lead to the award of the 'Degree in Higher Artistic Education' followed by the corresponding speciality. This qualification will be equivalent, for all purposes, to the university degree, as established in the first additional provision of Royal Decree 1614/2009, of 26 October.
If I have previous studies, can I apply for credit recognition?
Yes, you can apply for credit recognition if you have studied an official Vocational Training, University Degree or Master's Degree.
If I have started my studies at another centre, can I continue at ESADA?
Yes, as long as you come from an official centre that teaches Higher Artistic Education in Design, within Spanish territory.
Can I go to study at another school?
You can continue your studies in any official centre that offers higher artistic education in design in Spain.
Is it a university degree?
These studies are equivalent to a bachelor's degree. They are included in level 2 of the MECES.
How does the internship programme at ESADA work?
Throughout their training at ESADA, and accompanied by the guidance unit, students can access two types of internships. Extracurricular internships. These are carried out from the second year onwards. Curricular Internships. These are carried out in the second semester of the 4th year of each of the specialities of the official Design degrees. They are part of the syllabus leading to the Higher Degree in Design.