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Admission process to ESADA

You must meet the entry requirements for these official courses and also formalise a place reservation.

ESADA, unlike other centres that offer these courses, has its own student admission system. This is a system of place reservations in which those interested reserve one of the twenty places that we offer for each group for the next academic year. If available, they are placed on a waiting list to be called if a vacancy arises.

However, all students must meet the entry requirements to be admitted to ESADA, as this is essential as these are official studies regulated by the Junta de Andalucía.

Place Reservations
Students are admitted to our centre by means of a Place Reservation. The application for a place reservation is the first step that interested students must take if they want to study at ESADA; this guarantees that if they meet the entry requirements they will be able to enrol for the next academic year.

To make a place reservation with us you need to:

Meet the entry requirements or be in a position to obtain them

You must be studying the baccalaureate or CFGS, meet the conditions to sit the maturity test, have passed the specific access test or have direct access

Holding a baccalaureate or higher level vocational training qualification, or be in the second year of these levels of studies. Access is also possible if you meet the requirements to sit the academic maturity tests. Here you can find more information about the entrance requirements. Students must pass the entrance exam in the next call immediately following the one in which they have reserved their place, otherwise the place reservation will lose its validity.

If you have direct access or have passed the entrance exam in another autonomous community, you already meet the access requirements and therefore do not have to take specific tests.

That the school has enough places available for you to study with us

As these are official courses, our group capacity is a maximum of 20 students. This ensures personalised attention

In order to reserve a place, it is necessary that there are places available in the chosen degree course. Under no circumstances will we make a reservation for more than the number of places we have available, so you can be sure that you will be able to study with us.

Don't worry, if we don't have any places left, you still have the opportunity to study at ESADA. If you want you can join a waiting list. If at any time there is a vacancy in any degree, we will use the waiting list to fill those places.

The admission process is completed with the first registration and the opening of the academic transcript. Those who have reserved a place and meet the entry requirements must enrol within the deadlines published annually by the centre. This first registration includes the process of opening the academic transcript, which means that at that moment you are a student of higher design studies in Andalusia.

Entry requirements for official design degrees

With regard to access to higher artistic education and entrance examinations, all public, state-subsidised and public schools must comply with these access requirements.

Estudiantes de ESADA en una visita a la Alhambra


If I am a foreigner, what do I have to do to gain access to study at ESADA? What are the deadlines?
  • If you have your baccalaureate degree homologated (or in the process of homologation):

You will have to pass the specific entrance exam to the Design degree courses. 

  • I do not have a baccalaureate:

You have to take two tests: Maturity test + Specific entrance test to EEAASS in Design.

Once I have decided to study at ESADA, what steps do I have to follow?
  1. Book a place, subject to confirmation from our admissions officer.
  2. Fulfil the entry requirements.
  3. Enrolment within the established deadlines.
Is our centre a state-subsidised school?

No, ESADA is an official but totally private centre.