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Guidance and Employment Insertion Unit

ESADA connects its students with the professional world making it an active part of the job market to which they are directed, since the first course and specifying with them actions of guidance, accompaniment and labor intermediation.

Our work orientation methodology pursues a final result: to convert incoming students into employable professionals in the current labor market.

The starting point is the establishment of the VISION that the students have about themselves and their professional development. We will work on your professional and personal expectations. We will intervene to support you and accompany you in the development of the processes that will make possible the fulfillment of your VISION.

We will analyze the conditions of departure of the person requesting the orientation: his / her self-concept, his / her Resume, the environment of his / her profession and the characteristics of the target market and support the student to identify those variables and / or parameters related to them (beliefs, limitations, personal values, self-image...) and to the environment (paradigms, points of view, relational state, network of contacts...).

The students will live the experience of being the designers and developers of the processes that lead to that concrete result, among other processes we have:

  • Planning Process
  • Continuing Learning Process
  • Professional Positioning Process
  • Job Search Process

Users, in designing and implementing these processes, will develop a range of relationships with themselves, with other professionals and their environment, that will allow them to explore more of one possible result when considering his final employability.

One of the main features of parametric design is the demonstrated ability to generate an intelligent and responsive design, capable of adapting to any variable or parameter that is integrated in the design process. That is precisely what we are looking for with this methodology of orientation: to support users in the journey to achieve their vision, converting them into capable and adaptable professionals.


The Unit sustains its raison d'être in responding to any type of informational and / or formative need that may occur to the student in his or her academic career, from their preliminary uncertainties (before choosing one itinerary or another in terms of degree) to his impatience with the arrival of the most immediate reward: his development as a professional.

Taking into account this claim, three units or sections of action have been structurally established according to the circumstantial situation in which the beneficiary of the offered services is situated, that is to say, his student phase of the Higher Studies of Design, of baccalaureate or postgraduate.



It is the set of actions that are put in place by ESADA Institution to guarantee the successful incorporation of the students into their academic life.

This plan includes three main phases:

  • Pre-registration information
  • Support for application and registration
  • Information about the necessary resources (material and human) available to the student, in order to successfully take the studies and training.

Employment Exchange Program

Our Emplyment Exchange Program is a powerful link between people and companies that helps us in our main mission: to offer a professional outing to our students and to meet the hiring needs of companies that, year after year, trust our center as a recruitment source of highly qualified professional assets with a great practical experience.

Through the Guidance and Employment Insertion Unit, we deal with the management and control of students' practices, the active search of companies, agencies and entities interested in incorporating new staff and the labour insertion of students.

If you are a company and want to find out about our Emplyment Exchange Program you can contact the person in charge of the Guidance and Employment Insertion Unit, Adelina Ruz Hita, through the email

{slider Who can access our Employment Exchange Program?}

All ESADA students who have passed the official teachings taught at the school (Degrees and Masters). In addition, you can remain permanently active in our Employment Exchange Program, regardless of your professional situation.

{slider How does it work?}

For all the alumni, you just have to send your updated resume to the Guidance and Employment Insertion Unit of ESADA and to register in the E-Orientation system through the Virtual School. E-Orientation is a web app in which you can keep your resume updated and opt for job offers and professional internships.

The moment we receive an offer that fits your profile, we will contact you to communicate it and we will send your Resume to the company, entering this way in your selection process.



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