The Product Design student, Antoni Aparicio, wins the first prize of Verallia Design Awards

With a value of € 2,500 and participation in the global phase of the contest representing Spain. The purpose of the contest was to design a bottle for a spirit drink.

Our country joins an international trend. The consumption of liquors and spirits has grown in Spain in recent years: in 2016, 4% more was sold, reaching 214 million litres sold. And with a great triumph of the national product, since our brands represent 50% of the total. This has been helped by the increase in tourism, exports and the professionalisation of the hotel trade, as well as our exports, which have increased by 6%. Sales abroad currently account for 40% of our production.

The 2018 edition of the contest aims to receive creative, innovative and sustainable solutions for the creation of glass containers. With this initiative all design students can propose their bottle projects, opening the way for future packaging of spirits. The schools participated in this edition:

  • Escuela Universitaria de Diseño, Innovación y Tecnología (ESNE, Madrid)
  • Universidad de Valladolid (UVA).
  • Escuela de Arte Superior de Valencia.
  • Escuela Superior de Diseño de La Rioja (ESDIR)
  • Escuela Superior de Diseño y Arte de Andalucía – ESADA.

On June 29, in Zaragoza, the awards ceremony took place among the selected students. The act, which was guided byJorge Blass, counted on the representatives of the three preselected schools. The jury of the contest, which was composed of designers, journalists, Verallia clients of well-known notoriety and executives of the company, decided to award the ESADA student as the first prize.

180702 antoni aparicio ganador verallia design awards

In the picture Antoni Aparicio, Xavier Cuxart y Jorge Blass.

Xavier Cuxart - Mentor

Santander 1958. Licensed by Elisava in 1977. Graphic Design, Industrial in Elisava School and Marketing in Iada School. Own agency until 1999 where he entered to collaborate with Morillas.

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