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Artisanal: An exhibition of handcrafted furniture open to the public

Mueble de la Exposición Artesanal
Artisanal: An exhibition of handcrafted furniture open to the public
05 October 2022

Artesanal is an exhibition directed by our interior design teacher Álvaro Gor, which shows the projects of our students, from the same branch, and their handmade furniture as a complement to them.

Interior design and craftsmanship

It may seem at first glance that design and craftsmanship go in opposite directions, since in design objects are intended to be mass-produced, identical, with a controlled methodology, whereas in craftsmanship, less complex technologies are used and the craftsman's hand is more important, thus making each object unique even though it is mass-produced.

With this characteristic detail, we might think that craftsmanship in the contemporary world is not the order of the day. The article La artesanía, en sus manos in Interiores magazine explains and gives us clear examples that this is a very wrong deduction. Craftsmanship today conveys luxury values while at the same time reconnecting us with values such as authenticity, experience or pause.

When studying interior design, we realise the importance of the values mentioned above in our projects. An example of this is what a handmade piece can transmit in a space where we seek to show that this space is unique, as our students have done in their projects.

Artesanal Expo 1

Artisanal: Exhibition of reused and self-made furniture.

With this premise in mind, the interior design teacher Álvaro Gor has proposed a teaching innovation project (PID) in which, around a central piece of furniture, the best projects of our students of the same branch of design and the handcrafted furniture they have built are exhibited under the premise of rescuing others and revaluing them.

This exhibition is located in the inner courtyard of ESADA and is fully open to the public from 8:30 to 21:00. In it you will find three types of interior design projects, in which they have worked on a catering establishment, a veterinary clinic and their own design studio. In addition, as a central piece we will be able to see the handmade furniture, ranging from a wooden kite used as decoration, to a dressing table with which they rescued up to three pieces of furniture.

We hope you enjoy the exhibition and if you liked it, don't forget to post it on social networks and mention us on social media @Esadagrx.

Artesanal Expo 2

Artesanal Expo 3

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