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Product Design in Technology: Innovation in the Automotive Sector

Rendering of the final design of the bike design
Product Design in Technology: Innovation in the Automotive Sector
14 June 2023

Product design in the automotive sector has evolved considerably thanks to technological advances.

First, there has been a shift towards a user-centric approach, where the driver and passenger experience is prioritised. This involves the creation of more ergonomic and comfortable interiors, as well as intuitive and user-friendly infotainment systems. Car manufacturers strive to offer an exceptional driving and travel experience, seeking to satisfy customer needs and preferences.

In addition, aerodynamic design has become increasingly important in the quest for more fuel-efficient vehicles and emissions. Thanks to advances in simulation and virtual testing, designers can optimise the shape of cars to reduce air resistance. This not only improves fuel efficiency, but also combines with aesthetics, creating vehicles with an attractive and functional exterior design.

Disolve X Hidrovex: Motorbike design

With this precedent, our third-year product designers took on the challenge of designing a motorbike in just three months. Focusing mainly on bodywork design, our students managed to achieve a fairly advanced prototype of the bike, including the vehicle interface itself and even details of the engine.

To learn more about the work they have done, you can watch the documentary video prepared by our Eramus+ student Tommaso Cora.

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