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Félix Guerrero at the Erasmus TCA "Impact of Erasmus+ Traineeships on Higher Education"

Félix Guerrero at the Erasmus TCA "Impact of Erasmus+ Traineeships on Higher Education"
09 November 2023

ESADA's Erasmus+ coordinator, Félix Guerrero, recently had the honor of participating in an enriching Erasmus Training and Cooperation Activities (TCA) in Paphos, Cyprus, held at the impressive Aliathon Resort Ionian from October 31 to November 2. The event, titled "Impact of Erasmus+ Traineeships on Higher Education", brought together more than 60 experts from 19 countries to discuss and explore the impact of traineeships on Higher Education.

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During this exciting seminar organized by the National Agency for Erasmus+ Cyprus, Félix delved into the captivating topic of student mobility for traineeships, aiming to formulate action plans addressing challenges and opportunities within the Erasmus+ program 2021-2027 on Higher Education.

The event focused on key issues such as quality improvement, recognition, inclusion, and employability of traineeships within the Erasmus+ framework. Throughout the TCA, numerous presentations and working groups took place, allowing participants to share experiences and outcomes. A roundtable was also organized to facilitate the exchange of ideas and perspectives. This comprehensive approach provided participants with the opportunity to enhance their understanding and knowledge in this crucial area.

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One of the highlights of this TCA was the opportunity for Félix to connect with other Erasmus+ coordinators at both international and national levels, representing CIFP Guadalajara schools, Mario Gallego, and IES Litoral in Málaga, José Antonio Atencia. This exchange of experiences and best practices nationally and in the international context proved to be a valuable source of enrichment. Alongside Leticia Díaz, project manager from SEPIE, the four participants represented Spain in this seminar.

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Additionally, all participants had the opportunity to explore the fascinating city of Paphos, located on the southwest coast of the island of Cyprus. Taking advantage of the summer-like weather during those days, they enjoyed a beautiful stroll along its picturesque waterfront and concluded the experience with a delicious dinner of local Cypriot cuisine in the heart of the city.

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The knowledge and experience gained in this TCA by our Erasmus+ coordinator will undoubtedly enrich the quality of the experience for ESADA's students in their Erasmus+ traineeships and further strengthen our participation in this vital student mobility program.

Congratulations to Félix for his outstanding participation and contribution to the future of Higher Education at ESADA!

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