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ESADA participates in its second Erasmus BIP in Lithuania!

ESADA participates in its second Erasmus BIP in Lithuania!
22 April 2024

Ten students from ESADA's Interior and Product Design program have returned after successfully completing the new Erasmus BIP in Lithuania. This is ESADA's second BIP participation, following the success of the previous one held last summer in Turkey.

The students who participated in this BIP in Lithuania were: Marta Muñoz Medialdea (1st Interior Design), Carmen Calderón Santiago, Paula Ortega Bolívar, Sara Tepra Darmach (2nd Interior Design), Isabel Rivero Abollado and Lucía Amigo Carballo (3rd Interior Design). In the Product Design field, Jesús José Castillo Vilchez and Mariana Duque Vélez (2nd year), and Araceli Vázquez López and Marina Pinto Maldonado (3rd year) took part. They were accompanied by Fernando Ortega, coordinator and teacher of Interior Design at ESADA, teacher Alejandro Prats, and director Carmen Gómez.
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The project was preceded by several online seminars for all students, led by teachers and professionals from various schools, including ESADA, a Latvian school, and Vilnius College of Technologies and Design (VTDK) in Vilnius, the host and organizing institution where the physical project took place. ESADA has an Erasmus agreement with VTDK, and they regularly engage in incoming and outgoing mobilities. These online seminars provided students with the necessary knowledge and skills to face the creative challenge in Lithuania.
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During their stay in Vilnius, Lithuania, from April 8th to 12th, the students took on the challenge of creating a piece of furniture with integrated videomapping projection, thus transforming the furniture into a dynamic and captivating visual experience, contributing to a comprehensive vision with a strong focus on sustainability. They participated alongside ten other students and several teachers from each school. On the first day, they organized the work groups for the rest of the week.
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After days of dedication and work, they managed to complete the project and present their final creations. Additionally, the students worked with a CNC laser cutter for expanded polystyrene (EPS), which allowed them to experiment with the possibilities and limitations of this material in furniture creation, an unconventional material in the field of interior design. Throughout the project, they demonstrated a high level of creativity, technical skills, and ability to work as a team.
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In addition to the project work, the students had the opportunity to immerse themselves in Lithuanian culture and explore Vilnius and its surroundings. During their free time, they enjoyed the rich history, impressive architecture, gastronomy, and vibrant cultural life of the city. This experience not only expanded their creative skills but also enriched their understanding of the world and strengthened bonds among ESADA students from different programs and courses.
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Undoubtedly, this new BIP in Lithuania has been a rewarding and enriching experience for all participants. They have demonstrated their ability to tackle creative challenges and collaborate effectively in an international environment. The final creations reflect the students' talent, creativity, and dedication to design.
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