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Ford Coupé ZZ Top prototype
Technological Design

Pedro Herrera Oliver

TFEBA Product Design
Portada ZZ top

The hot rod, a social phenomenon that claims the rebelliousness, was generated in the mid-twentieth century at the same time as rock and roll. Hot rods are those cars that were built before 1948 and have been subsequently modified, improving their performance and aesthetics.

The purpose of this project is to create a vehicle that commemorates and revives this social and automotive phenomenon, which is gradually being lost.

I want to transmit to the user the feeling of freedom and rebelliousness that driving one of these vehicles causes, powerful and noisy at the same time elegant and unconventional. Create a car which makes people turn their heads wondering where can I buy a vehicle of this type, a vehicle that one is not used to see driving on the street normally.

And what better vehicle to revive this social and automotive phenomenon and create these sensations in the user than the mythical Ford Coupé.

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Portada ZZ top