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Technological Design

Francisco Manuel Molina Caballero

TFEBA Product Design
Portada Aura

There are many consequences that a big city transmits to people, most of them negative, caused by stress, pollution and continuous movement. More and more studies show that life in a big city has a direct impact on our limbic system through the smell, affecting brain areas and consequently the emotional part of the brain. This makes us think: How can we avoid all these negative stimuli?

Aura is a project based on aromachology, the science that studies the effects of smells on human beings and their behavior in the mind through olfactory memory. There are many products that use smell to provoke a state of mind, but always from aromatherapy and not from the aforementioned science. Therefore, this project will focus on recalling personal memories to awaken our olfactory memory in a different environment . We will do it by reviving childhood aromas through native aromatic plants close to our growth and childhood area. In this way we will turn an ordinary day into a unique day in any place.

Aura thus becomes a project that has managed to give shape to a volatile concept. With this project we communicate something to society, transmit thoughts or ways of seeing the world.

It covers the needs and "gaps" raised, covering problems in society and remedying negative olfactory perceptions in our daily lives. In this way and taking advantage of the situation, we make a call to the idea of feeling like children again, to continue living as before or as we wanted to live. That is the key concept, that our life belongs to us and we enjoy every moment as it deserves.

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Portada Aura