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The Grenadian company
Historic Buildings

Virginia Fajardo Ortiz

TFEBA Interior Design
Portada La gran compañia granadaina

This project arises from the interest in interior design in the recovery of historic buildings that are in disuse and generally in precarious conditions, and develops the proposal for the refurbishment of the Building of the Compañía Granadina de Industria y Comercio.

The building, designed by Fernando Wilhelmi Manzano in 1934, is considered a reference of the architecture of the Modern Movement in the city of Granada and is listed as a building belonging to the Andalusian Historical Heritage, so that, in order to address the project properly, the necessary research is carried out to know those aspects that help to understand the conformation of the building, the concepts from which it was designed and its operation.

This research, carried out extensively starting from the building itself to the origins of the concepts of the Modern Movement, results in the analysis of the use of the grid as an element that organizes the structure of the architectural ensemble and from which the spaces are generated.

The design proposal develops the project of conditioning the building applying the conceptualization of the grid as the basis of its identity, giving value to those elements that give it its character, without prejudice to the conditions of functionality required today, and whose ultimate goal is the profitability of the heritage by the property.

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diseño interior, apartamento, baño, revestimientos, mobiliario
diseño interior, apartamento, cocina, mobiliario
diseño interior, baño, revestimiento, papel pintado
diseño interior, cafeteria, cafe, restaurante, mobiliario, iluminacion
diseño interior, longue, bar, restaurante, revestimiento, iluminacion
diseño interior, restaurante, revestimiento, iluminacion, vegetacion, mobiliario
diseño interior, restaurante, revestimientos, iluminacion, patio
Portada La gran compañia granadaina