The 6th edition of the Granada Design Week is here!

The 6th edition of the Granada Design Week is here!


25 March 2022

From the 5th to the 8th of April ESADA will celebrate the sixth edition of its festival. Enjoy this week full of art and creativity where you will learn as you enjoy these workshops and talks.

This year is a new premiere edition, where Granada Design Week has a new logo, which will last and will be part of the next image designed by our students.

The sixth GDW brings with it a multitude of workshops and conferences open to the public within the limitations of capacity.

Don't forget to book your place!

Cyanotype, a very different printing method

As every year, our teacher Toni Kuraga will give a workshop aimed at anyone with an artistic interest, with or without photographic knowledge, who wants to get their hands dirty, create something of their own and discover a fascinating world.

No time to waste

At this moment, where fashion is creating some awareness about sustainability and slow fashion, a movement called "zero waste" is born. Lucía Sánchez owns a brand that is positioned in sustainability and zero waste, so she will give a workshop where each designer will be able to adapt this movement to their design.

It sounds like fun

Ignacio Segura, sound designer specialised in retro sound for indie videogames and music producer, will give a workshop where you will learn the first steps to produce music using sounds created by you.

The metaverse, that great unknown

From the Static Internet to pure immersion, the Metaverse has come to change the way we understand computing and interpersonal relationships. The new ecosystem offers game designers, modellers, programmers and a host of technical professionals new opportunities for expression and the creation of virtual worlds.

Life after school

Several ESADA alumni return to the school to tell us about their professional career in the world of design when they go out into the world. If you still don't know what will come after these 4 years, they will surely solve many doubts and guide you on the best way to become a great designer.

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