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Granada Design Week 2023 has already arrived in the city

Imagen de la GDW 2023
Granada Design Week 2023 has already arrived in the city
14 April 2023

Granada Design Week is a week full of activities full of design and creativity carried out by our school. These days, both students of the centre and anyone who signs up for the activities through our website will be able to rediscover design from a different perspective.

From AI to ship design

As every year, the GDW is packed with activities for all areas of design. These talks or workshops deal with general topics such as creativity and how we can develop it in different ways, as will be shown in the workshop "Random isn't random". This is a workshop in which a series of objects born out of improvisation will be created. We will have a series of materials and processes to work on them and a function to be performed by the object in the time limit to create it.

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On the other hand, current issues such as the use of AI as a creative tool will be discussed, due to the great revolution it has brought about in the way art is created.

For the more curious, there are interesting talks such as boat design or luxury landscaping, where you can learn details that will improve the design projects of the attendees. Artists also have a place in this week with workshops such as tattoo initiation, urban sketching or even a silk-screen printing workshop..

Between fabrics and materials

The first activity of this Granada Design Week was the exhibition, now open to the public, Entre telas y materiales, located in the Casa García de Viedma in Armilla. In this space, our emerging designers of fashion design and product design have exhibited their projects carried out during this year.

In the case of fashion design, the creators of each of the garments have structured their creative universe in a "capsule studio". In each project you can see from the first steps in sketches and references to the final development of the garment.

Our students in product design can find redesigns of botijos, design of footwear and even designs of toys for the youngest members of the family.

detalle uno estudio capsula

diseno capsula completo

diseno zapatillas expo

detalle dos estudio capsula

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